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Ciné Brique is a Brickfilm Festival for everyone who loves to see LEGO bricks come alive on a computer, television, or even a movie screen.

It is also a great exhibition of LEGO creations in Laval (Québec) headlined by talented adults who turn what most consider to be a kid’s toy into an art form on its own, creating or recreating towns, buildings, castles, trains and spaceships… all with LEGO bricks!!! Want to know more?

Write us an email! It’s free: info @ cinebrique.com


MinSigFig MonsieurCaron MoiMarc-André Caron

Also known asMonsieurCaron on his YouTube channel, Marc-André fell back into the LEGO hobby in 2011 to make… brickfilms! One image at a time, he animates dinosaurs, ninja robot fights, zombie armies or even The Simpsons for everybody’s pleasure.




Jonathan_LEGOJonathan Bussière

Jonathan is a small brick fan since his big brothers introduced him to Lego many years ago. Nowadays he transmits his passion to the younger generations trough the brickomaniacs.ca. Their goal is to promote LEGO as a creative, constructive and playful activity. He has also been the organiser of the (Hobby Show) Salon du passe-temps for six years.


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