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Frenquently Asked Questions

(not really, we just wanted to give you more info before you ask for it :-) )

General information


How long is the event?

  • The public exposition lasts 2 days: Saturday November 19st and Sunday November 20th, 2016.
  • The AFOL convention lasts 3 days, from November 18th to November 20nd.

How long should you plan to visit the exposition?

Plan at least an hour and a half for a general tour. Although, for a detailed tour, a chat with our exhibitors and a stop in our brickfilm room you may spend a part of the day with us.

How can you pay for tickets?

  • We accept cash, interact (debit) and credit cards.
  • Please note that there is no ATM on site and that you cannot withdraw money from the registers.

Can you buy LEGO on site?

Yes, there will be salesmen on site to recommend the perfect set for your wishes. Take the time to have a chat with them as well; they are as passionate as all our other exhibitors!

Are strollers allowed in the exhibition?

For safety reasons we do not allow strollers on site. We recommend baby carriers. A controlled area will be available for strollers at the entrance of the exhibition.

Is the exposition wheelchair accessible?

Absolutely, the exhibition is 100% wheelchair accessible and guide dogs are also allowed on site.

Is the exhibition organised by the LEGO® group?

No, it’s organised by two adults who love the little brick, LEGO creations and brickfilms.

Is there food accessible on site?

There is several restaurants in the area.

Is there a coat check-in on site?

There is a coat check-in, however they are not responsible for losses or theft.

AFOL Convention


Who can join?

Even though it’s an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) convention, all LEGO enthusiasts are allowed to join.

However :

  • Kids 16 years old and younger have to be accompanied by an adult.
  • 10 years old and younger must be pre-authorized by the hosts. (some conditions applies)
  • 16 or 17 years old must fill a parental authorisation form.

All participants have the same rights and privileges.

Warning: activities are made for adults and may not be suitable for children. Some games can be very competitive. Parents who are taking their kids must be aware of the 2 previous points.

Are all activities bilingual?

They are mostly in French, but we will try our best to make sure everybody can participate.

Can I exhibit official sets?

If said sets are integrated to a display or are from the same collection yes. (I.E: you own all the Pirates sets from 1988 to 1992). For a better explanation and more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do my creations need to be 100% LEGO?

Yes, but we also allow third party pieces from Brickarms, Brickmania, Altbrick and others involved in LEGO or AFOL community and it’s events. If you’re wondering, we do not allow brands such as: Mega Bloks, Kre-O, Best Lock, BrickTek…

Can I exhibit a single small creation?

All creations, big or small, single or multiple will be exhibited with the same standards.

Is there a maximal display size?

No, however, the earlier you subscribe, the best are your chances to get the exact display you want.

How big are the tables?

  • Our tables are either 72 x 30 inches or 96 x 30 inches.
  • We have small stages of 48 x 96 inches (variable height). You have to ask for those specifically.

Are table mats included?

We have full sized white mats for all the tables.

Is it possible to have access to power?

Yes, you have to specify it in your subscription form. You have to include your own extension cords and power bars.

What are the opening hours for EXHIBITORS ONLY?

  • Friday: 8am to 9pm + (assembly and activities)
  • Saturday: 8am to 9pm+ (assembly 8am to 9am, exhibition from 9am to 5pm and activities afterwards)
  • Sunday: 8am to 7pm+ (exhibition 9am to 5pm and disassembly afterwards.)

Must I stay on site during the whole convention?

No, it is however recommended to stay on site, especially if you have creations in the exhibition.

I would require a Hotel, do you have a recommendation?

Contact us and we’ll make some recommendation to you.

Space friends

From any corner of the galaxy you may come from, we welcome you. Spaceships can be parked in the nearby woods and we do not accept extra-terrestrial money. And even if you have eyes at the tip of your fingers, you cannot touch the creations.


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