Sponsor an AFOL

Here is our new rewards program for members who invite new AFOLS to Ciné Brique.

Objectives :

  • Get AFOLS in hiding to come out and show the world what they can do
  • Find the best exponents possible (Although, any AFOL is a great exponent by definition, there is still a lot of unrevealed new talent out there)
  • Make the AFOL community better, bigger, stronger !

Who can be sponsored ?

  • An AFOL who isn’t part of any LUG
  • An AFOL who never participated into an official Lego exhibition
  • An AFOL who officially subscribed to Cinébrique

N.B. The sponsored AFOL must write down his or her sponsor’s name on the subscription form.


  • An exclusive surprise for both the sponsor and the sponsored AFOL
  • Special draw of 2 100$ Lego gift cards(for the sponsors)
    • 1 sponsored AFOL = 1 ticket
    • 2 sponsored AFOLs = 3 tickets
    • 3 sponsored AFOLs = 6 tickets
    • 4 sponsored AFOL s = 10 tickets
    • 5 sponsored AFOLs = 15 tickets
  • Draw of a 50$ Lego gift card (for sponsored AFOLs)

For questions, please contact us at : expo@cinebrique.com

Check our new online registration form.

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