Brickfilm Festival

What is a brickfilm ?

It is a stop motion movie made out of LEGO bricks. That very type of movie inspired the actual LEGO movie.

Cine Brique’s goal is to show the public the work of professional and amateur brickfilmers. Also, our goal is to encourage diversity among the producers and encourage new talents to explore brickfilming.

Ciné Brique is Canada’s first ever brickfilm festival.

Calling all Brickfilmers: Subscribe here!

You can enter in one of three category

  • Rookie, for the young brickfilmers who starts (-18 years old).
  • Themed: The theme is “Tales and legends”
  • Best brickfilm: Open to all, share your best productiion (2015-2016)

Rules :

  • Subscription is between July 1st and September 30th midnight.
  • One movie per brickfilmer or crew.
  • 2015 and 2016 released movies only.
  • Free subscription, You don’t need to be joining the event to submit a movie, although we would really appreciate if you could join us.
  • Brickfilms have to be made of LEGO products
    • Third party products are also accepted (i.e. AltBrick, Brickforce…).
  • Use the online form right here.
  • The CinéBrique Crew will select brickfilms among the entries for the final reel.
    • Only the final reel will be eligible in the contest.
  • Winners will be announced at the Ciné Brique Gala, November 18th 2016 and online the following week.

LEGO prizes to be win

  • Each category winner will receive a CAD 100$ LEGO store card.

Can’t wait to see your brickfilms!


  1. rio

    When will we be able to submit films to the festival?

    1. MonsieurCaron (Post author)

      You can now submit your brickifilms right here:
      Max 2 brickfilms per participant/team.
      Good luck

      1. Christopher Gearhart

        Just to clarify – are we limited to 1 or 2 brickfilms per participant/team? It looks to me like the rules limit us to one.

        1. MonsieurCaron (Post author)

          One movie per brickfilmer or crew.
          Give us your best shot :-)

  2. Liam Siegler
    1. MonsieurCaron (Post author)

      Please, use the submission form right here:

      Thanks and good luck

      1. Liam Siegler

        Yes I realize that now, my bad!


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