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The official brickfilm selection is here

This year, 15 brickfilms were selected into the official competition for Ciné Brique. They all can win the grand jury prize, the public prize or a special mention. Winners are going to be announce at Ciné Brique on November 22 and online in the following days.

Our jury is composed of well know member of the brickfilm community. Our friends France et Alex (see last year Bestia ) and the famous The Four Monkeys. We can also count on a member of the Montreal stop motion community, Mister Érik Goulet, director of the Montreal Stop Motion Festival. The jury had only one directive to follow… follow their heart.


Watch all the movies on this playlist : All movie for Ciné Brique 2015

Batman vs Superman Tommy Williamson
The Tree Trevor Sprague
Little Arms Big Feet Kevin Ulrich
Lego Fighting Championship Jordan Johnson
Paragraph Steffen Troeger
Puffindolia Philip Heinrich
Barney Bunny Ep. 6 – Barney Goes Exploring Joseph Siml
LEGO Jurassic Park Paul Hollingsworth
Sola Luna Benjamin Ely
Lego¬Æ Christmas By Magic_Bricks Jérôme
Umbrella Umbrage Nathan Mellace
Delivering Mail Bruno Lefêvre
Crazy Life Kevin Ulrich
The Good Neighbor Daniel Utecht
A Fixed System Aaron Fisher

Happy brickfilming and good luck to all brickfilmers.


It’s Oct 21st 2015 and we can say The future is Now.

It’s Oct 21st 2015 and we can say The future is Now.

— Play the game: REWIND to seek and find
Here’s 10 LEGO things you have to find hidden in the video
1. Ant-Man (Marvel’s Univers)
2. Donatello e (TMNT)
3. The Flash (DC Univers)
4. Nick Fury (hard to spot) (Marvel’s Avengers)
5. Rocket Racoon and baby Groot (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy)
6. Captain America’s shield (Marvel’s Avengers)
7. Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber (Star Wars)
8. Marty’s Hover Board (Marty’s not on it, who is?)
9. Loki staff (Marvel’s Avengers)
10. Squishee glass (The Simpsons)
— What else can you find? Tell us in the comments

Marty’s 4×4 and “The Homer” car are creations by Olivier Laporte
You can get Doc Brown’s lab coat from
Printed LEGO bricks can be found at
“Brick to the Future” logo by Javier Pérez used with permission.

Brick to the Future was made by MonsieurCaron using a Canon Rebel T3 camera, DragonFrame and Adobe CS6 just before October 21st 2015 :-)


A LEGO Brickumentary

Brickumentary Poster

Do you know what an AFOL is?

AFOL is the acronym of “Adult Fan of LEGO”. Yes, it’s true: there are adults who are LEGO fans too. And now, there is a documentary about them:Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary

MonsieurCaron who co-organizes Ciné Brique, had the chance to produce some brickfilms which were included in this documentary. Take a look at what he did.

You can also watch the preview for A LEGO Brickumentary that will hit theater in the United States on July 31. It will also be available on iTunes on the same day.

Will you be with us on November 21-22 to talk about brickfilms at Ciné Brique? We sure hope to see you there :-)

Ciné Brique in short
Saturday November 2, 2015
Sunday November 22, 2015
from 9am à 5pm

The Cosmodôme in Laval

How much?
Adulte: 10$
Kids: 5$ (4-17 years old)
Free 0-3 years old

For security reasons, no strollers allowed in the exposition.
The Cosmodôme is accessible for people with physical disabilities

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